About Me

                Hi! I'm Mrs. Golden     



                 Thank you for visiting my page!

Here is a little bit about myself: I received my Multiple Subject Credential with English Language Authorization from California State University, Long Beach. Since graduating, I have worked in the charter school arena. This is my second year teaching with Inspire Charter Schools. I appreciate all methods of homeschooling, and believe that it is important to highlight the child as a whole. I am a firm believer that learning can take place at any moment in any environment! My goal is to cultivate a love for learning within my students. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, listening to music/going to concerts, and being outdoors!







The reason I teach

Teaching is my vocation.

I am a teacher for so many different reasons.

Helping others realize their potential.

Setting the fire within others to love learning themselves.

Exploring and discovering the world we live in.


Here is a little video I made about why I teach:




And I believe Nelson Mandela said it best in this quote: