My Contribution to the Profession

Valuable Resources for Teachers

As teachers, we are always on the hunt for quality resources to help us make the classroom interesting and fun! Here are some resources that I have used in my own classroom. 


Speaking of using the JOY factor in the classroom, this fun and exciting website allows you to create game quizzes for any subject. Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that incorporates technology (can be used on tablets/computers). Students are quizzed on material that is created by the teacher. Students compete with each other to answer questions as fast as they can. A little competition is a fun way to get students involved in their learning. I love that you can use it for any grade level and any subject!

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Share My Lesson

I came across the Share My Lesson website and thought it was a really neat platform for teachers to get ideas. We all need a little help sometimes in creating exciting and engaging lessons! This is a resourceful website for just that. This website sorts lessons by grade or subject. I have used this website when I have wanted to take a simple lesson to the next level. You can also search for lessons by using the search bar. This is also a way to share your own ideas with others in hopes to collaborate and engage with other educators. It helps me to feel connected to other educators by seeing what others are doing in the classroom.

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Teach with Movies

I found this website when I was trying to find elective ideas for the enrichment academy classroom of middle school students that I teach. This is a really helpful website to provide lesson plans to accompany educational movies you may watch in the classroom. Watching a movie at the end of a unit is a really great way help deepen student understanding of a subject. This website covered science, math, history, music, and more. This is also an effective way to include visuals/realia into the classroom for those visual learners.

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