Developing as an Educator

Reflecting on this Year…

Reaching on my Initial Goal: How can I become a more effective educator in the classroom by providing an engaging and fun learning environment for my students to be successful?

Areas of Strength

An area of strength that I feel that I have definitely strengthened over this past year is connecting with my students. I feel that I use the “Joy” factors much more to enhance the learning experience in the classroom. This includes using humor, games, music, and technology in the classroom to keep students engaged. I definitely see a major difference in the classroom energy when using the joy factors. Furthermore, students are more excited about learning and want to participate.

Opportunities for Continuous Learning

As an educator there are always opportunities to improve on one’s self. I can do this by constantly improving on lessons by tweaking the areas that did not go so well; also, expanding on the parts of a lesson that did go well. Finally, as a new teacher, one can always improve on organization and time management skills. The more time I spend teaching, the more it is necessary to be organized and have time management skills.  I will definitely continue to improve myself in those areas. Finally, I feel that classroom management is always a learning curve to find the most effective ways to promote positive behavior in the classroom to maintain a safe learning environment for all.

I have surprised myself by…

This year I have surprised by myself by providing effective and fun lessons in the classroom that my students enjoyed. It is always rewarding when you see your students having fun and engaging in the lessons that you have created. It was satisfying to know that I had already been implementing many of the JOY factors in the classroom on my own doing.


Professional Goal…

One professional goal that I have as an educator is to attain my Master’s degree in Education.

Why is this a need or interest? What actions will I take? How will I assess goal attainment?

This is a need or interest because I am always striving to further my education and knowledge of the field. I want to be able to have the highest level of education possible in order to best support the students I am teaching. In order to attain my Master’s degree, I will need to apply for a master’s program at a local college. I plan to do so within the next two years. I will assess this goal attainment by being accepted into a master’s program at a university.


Remaining a Connected Educator

I will take steps to remain a connected educator by taking several steps. First, I will continue to collaborate with my colleagues. I will share ideas with co-workers and ask for advice or ideas if needed. Others teachers are a fabulous resource for inspiration and ideas in the classroom. Secondly, I will continue to attend professional development workshops that are offered in our area. Finally, I will attend the home schooling events such as the Great Home Schooling event which will be in our area this summer! I look forward to connecting with other like-minded educators and professionals.


How to Sustain Energy to be Passionate about Students, Teaching, and Learning

In order to sustain the energy needed to remain passionate about my profession, I will continue to look after myself as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. Creating balance in one’s life is essential to a harmonious and successful life, no matter your profession. I will balance my professional and personal life by using time management and organization skills to make my job a little less stressful. Furthermore, I will make time for myself to do the things that I love in life outside of teaching! My family is very important to me so I will make time to see them and enjoy life together.


Talents/Strengths: (quote from coach)

You are such a great teacher! You do a terrific job of putting together relative and interesting lessons. You do an amazing job of writing a clear reflection that shows you really care about the instruction you provide to your students and strive to always be improving as an educator; those are the hallmarks of a truly great teacher!


Advice for new teachers entering the profession

Being an educator definitely is not an easy path to take; however, its fruits are endless. The rewards you feel when you have helped just one student is an amazing feeling. You are truly changing the world and our future by being a teacher! For some realistic advice, organization and time management are key to being successful. Oh and don’t procrastinate!