Helpful Websites

Here are some websites that may prove to be helpful from time to time. 

I will add to this as I find sites I feel are noteworthy.

Here's an online adjective quiz.  Great for both 5th and 6th graders.

This is an all-inclusive english/grammar site.  I highly recommend everyone to check it out.  

This site has some great tips on writing as well as a nice explanation for parts of speech and other grammatical concepts.

 I LOVE this site!  It is chock full of links to quizzes, grammar reviews and tips, and even a powerpoint presentation reviewing/explaining how to diagram sentences.  Parents, do you remember doing that???  I sure do.  It's a lost "art form" that might be making a bit of a comeback in our classroom.  Wink

Here's a reading passage with comprehension questions you can answer online (no printing required).  The passage is a little dry, but life is full of dry things we need to be able to read and understand.

 At the request of several students, here's a website with some games on it.  More specifically, this game deals with Egypt.

This website has some more basic reading activities.