Answers for Parents

Questions and answers for parents


1.  What time must my child be at school?  

The school opens at 7:00 a.m. and your child must be in class by 7:45.  Students are released from the gym at 7:35 and handwriting, DOL, and Phonics are started. Students who arrive later than 7:45 must receive a tardy slip from the front office. School is dismissed at 2:45 except on 1/2 day staff development days.


2.  How do I change my child's method of transportation to/from school?

Either write a note to the teacher or call the front office before 2:00 p.m.


3.  If my child is on medication, what do I do?  

All medication must be brought to the nurse's office in the original container with a written note giving our nurse permission to give the child medication.  If it's a prescription, it must be in the original container.


4.  What can I do if I have a concern or problem about my child?  

Call the teacher and talk to her or schedule a conference after 9:15 at 281-457-3080.


5.  How do I have a conference with the teacher?

 Call the school and make an appointment for 9:15 to 10:00 or after school.  Or if you have the time just call me (room 205) around 9:20.

6.  Where is the Lost and Found?  

The lost and found is located in the hallway beside the cafeteria.  If you label everything in permanent marker with your child's name on it, and Room 205 they will be returned to my room.


7.  What is the school address and phone number ? 

Crenshaw Elementary  

16204 Wood Drive

Channelview, TX 77530

phone  281-457-3080

Fax  281-457-5434


8.  What does it cost for my child to eat at school?

Breakfast is $.50 each day and lunch is $1.25.  Parents can eat with their child for $2.00.


9.  Who are the teachers in third grade?

Javier Roque (team leader)

Yolanda  Bryant

Melody Courtney

Michelle Fruge

Marshawndria Hodges

Joanne Griffin


10.  Who are the principal and assistant principal?

The principal is Mrs. Audry Lane, and the assistant principal is Mrs. Kim Bull.


11.  How do I know what my child is doing at school?

A conduct sheet is given to all students in my class.  If the box for that day is blank or has a sticker or stamp in it, that means your child has completed all tasks and followed the rules.  If there is a conduct cut there, you need to talk to you child about this. This conduct sheet must be signed each week.  Each conduct cut is worth two points on the report card.  After three weeks in each quarter your child will bring home a progress report that must be looked over and signed.  These grades reflect what your child is doing in class.   If you need more information, please call me.


12.  What is AR?

AR is Accelerated Reader and the students take tests after they finish reading AR books.  They make points and go to the office for prizes.  The more they read, the better readers they become.  So encourage your child to read every night for 20-30 minutes in the AR book or library book.  These AR books are checked out to them and they are responsible for bringing it back to school the next day.  


13.  How does my child get grades on the report card?

All grades reflect what your child has learned in third grade skills completed in class. These include weekly tests, unit tests, teacher-made tests, board work, and class assignments.  The following needs to be studied and reviewed at home:  spelling words, vocabulary words, math facts and high frequency sight words.


14.  When will my child receive his/her report card?  

On the next Friday after each quarter ends.

First quarter:  Oct.10, 2008

Second quarter:   Nov. 21, 2008

Third quarter:   Jan. 23, 2009

Fourth quarter:   Mar. 6, 2009

Fifth quarter:   Apr. 24, 2009 

Sixth quarter:   Jun. 5, 2009


15.  When does each six weeks period end?

FIRST SEMESTER-2008            

First quarter:   Aug. 25-Oct. 3

Second quarter: Oct. 6-Nov. 14

Third quarter: Nov. 17-Jan. 16



Fourth quarter: Jan. 21-Feb. 27

Fifth quarter:   Mar. 2-Apr. 17

Sixth quarter:   Apr. 20-June 5