Genius Club

Genius Club

In the 1980's Mrs. Renz started her Mastery Club. I got the idea for my Genius Club from her. Her website is:

The Genius Club-

This is a club for my students above and beyond what is expected in class.  They will work on this during free time in class.  They can also work on this at home.  All answers must be written in the Genius Folder.  

You will choose a topic (social studies, science, language arts, math, or miscellaneous) and then decide on which area you want to investigate. Then click on the website to find the answers. Some of them are very simple to do and others will take more time.  You will write your answers in the Genius Folder that remains in your backpack. 

There are 75 possible points you can receive.

10 points = G

20 points = E

30 points = N

40 points = I

50 points = U

60 points = S


**Please use all of our safety rules when using the internet. If you have any problems, please let one of our Student Computer experts help you. 

The link for the Genius Club: