Our spelling list will be in the Take Home Folder.  There will be a Tic Tac Toe sheet in the Folder for your child to choose which spelling practice he/she will complete and turn in on Friday.  Four different activities will be required.  One is writing words three times each.  The other three will be their choice.  Please make sure your child does spelling homework each night.  It'll only take about five to ten minutes.  When you give out the spelling list on Wednesday night, have them write the words.  This will get them ready for the practice test on Thursday.  If they make 100% then they may do puzzles or quiet games on Friday while the others are taking the test.


Homework will be sent home Monday night through Thursday night.  This may be a worksheet or a page from our workbook.  It is due the next day and will be checked in class.  The first forgotten homework is a talk with the teacher.  The second forgotten homework will be a conduct cut.  The third missed homework is a trip to the office to talk to Mrs. Lane or Mrs. Bull and/or a call to the parents. 


Reading homework consists of reading everynight for 20-30 minutes.  Later in the year reading booklets will be sent home to practice for the TAKS test.


Usually all language is finished in class.


Sometimes we work on units in class that will need your help at home.  Most work is finished in class.  Once every six weeks we try to do a fun project.  Sometimes it will be finished at school and sometimes it will be needed to be done at home.