Math 6/7A

UNIT 1 INFORMATION SHEET -  M67U1 Parent Letter.docx 


Week 1

We will go over classroom and school procedures. We will review basic math skills to verify readiness for this year's content.

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Week 2

This week we are reviewing decimals and fractions. Our goal is to have fluency in these two areas using all four operations. If you are struggling with either (or both) of these topics please speak to me about tutoring.

Week 3

This week we are continuing our study of fractions. We will have small quiz over operations with decimals. The math department has been given the go ahead to begin entering grades. You should begin to see grades entered into the ParentVue portal throughout the week. 

On Thursday and Friday, my classes will be taking the Math Inventory assessment. It is only for use here at school. I will provide the results to send home at a later date. This assessment is a guiding factor to where the students are individually performing and helps me to guide the pacing of the year. We will take the assessment again in January and once more at the end of the year to monitor progress.

Week 4

 This week we are studying Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor. By the end of the week we will introduce Distributive Property and Factoring. 

Next week will be our first unit test for this class. We will test Thursday and Friday. This will include a post-test for unit 1 and a pre-test for unit 7. Please make sure you are studying all four operations with decimals, all four operations with fractions and mixed numbers, and the concepts from this week.

Week 5

This week we are finishing discussion on Distributive Property and Factoring. Then we will just practice topics from Unit 1. We will test over the whole unit on Thursday and pre-test for the next unit on Friday. Through the online textbook, I have assigned a practice test for unit 1. It is not for a grade but will help you prepare for the test on Thursday. 

Practice test answer key -  Post Test Answer Key.pdf 

Week 7

We have begun Unit 7: Rational Explorations. We will be learning about negative numbers, absolute value, and graphing on a coordinate plane. This week we will be focusing on the coordinate plane. Last week we learned about negative numbers, opposite numbers, and absolute value.

Some study tools through quizlet below:

1st period link -

3rd period link -

Unit 7 Parent Letter -  M67U7 Parent Letter.docx