Homework Assignments

Homework Assignments

Monitor this site to check homework assignments

*Keep Scoring Rubric for Writing  home  for your use

Vocabulary Books!  Students have been assigned "vocabulary pages", one page for each word

Include the word with correct spelling, dictionary definition, a picture of the word to demonstrate understanding, and use the word in a grade level sentence. Underline the word.  This activity will be due each Friday.


9/16  R/LA  4 & 5  vocabulary pages.  4 & 5 Math  Box 1.1

9/17 R/LA   5th wkbk 15 & 18, 4th   wkbk 16 & 19 Math 5th SL 1.1, Math 4th SL 1.2

9/18 R/LA  5th wkbk 20, vocabulary-4th MAP Testing vocabulary