Reading and Language Arts


   -Uses letter-sounds and word parts to read unfamiliar words.

   -Uses consonants, consonant blends (e.g., tr, bl, sm), and vowel sounds to read unknown words.

   -Uses word patterns (e.g., ight as in light) to read unknown words.



   -Reads grade-level text accurately with expression.



   -Reads high-frequency and sight words correctly.


   -Learns reading strategies used before, during, and after reading text.

   -Determines a purpose for reading.

   -Makes predictions or asks questions based on background knowledge.

   -Makes connection between what he or she knows and what he or she reads.

   -Retells/Sequences stories (using story elements: characters, setting, problem, and solution) and recalls facts from books read.

   -Responds to reading through discussions, retellings, and in writing.

   -Revisits text to clarify understanding.

   -Reads for different purposes:  literary experiences (e.g., stories, plays, poems)