PYP Unit of Inquiry

World Kids Culture

Observation, Investigation, and YOU!

Central Idea: We gather and share information to learn more about the world around us.

Key Concepts: reflection, responsibility, connection

Related Concepts: family, diversity, cultures and societies

Lines of Inquiry:

-personal histories make us who we are

-the different ways researchers present information found

-connections between cultures to make one big world

Learner Profile Focus: knowledgeable, communicators

Students will be studying cultures from all over the world, researching those cultures, and presenting the new information learned with the class.  They may choose to present this information in ANY way that they choose.  The presentation will be the summative assessment for this unit of inquiry and should show that they understand the central idea of the unit.

We will be using Culture Grams, in addition to other resources, to gather information.  Culture Grams can be found using the link above.

We use the AGOPPE model to teach students the research process.  The link above provides information about that model.

Also, the following website might also be useful for parents.  These links were provided by our Media Center Specialist, Ms. Cyndi Kelly.