Dear Parents,

I am new to the Lucille Brown Panthers, and I am really looking forward to getting to know both you and your child this year.  I have been teaching for 11 years, and it is truly my passion.  The 7th grade students will achieve much this year in terms of academic growth, greater self confidence, and improved social skills. Good communication between the parent, teacher and student is very important for growth. 

I would like to briefly discuss the homework policy. Homework is given nightly with the exception of Friday. On most nights, it should take an average between 20-30 minutes for your child to complete the assignments. Occasionally your child will have an opportunity to finish his or her homework in class or in study hall, but please make time to review the assignments with your child. Please let me know if you find that your child is regularly having more than one hour and a half, because this indicates that we need revisions are needed.

The purpose of homework is two-fold; to reinforce what we have learned in class, and to teach responsibility. A child who has completed his or her homework, is then prepared to further increase their knowledge of the content in class. Each evening you can expect your child to arrive at home with his or her homework written down and initialed by me. All assignments will be written on the homework board which outlines the assignments for the week. Students are responsible for copying the information down. Please review this information daily with your child, as I may occasionally write notes home. Also, please feel free to use the assignment notebook to communicate with me as well. Together, we can help your child succeed.

I realize that teaching your child is a tremendous responsibility, and I will do my best to ensure that each student has a safe and motivating learning experience while in my care.  However, I cannot do this without the help of you, the parent.  We are partners in the learning process. With your help, we will have a classroom of scholars, athletes, musicians, politicians, teachers and many more professionals.   If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to come in anytime, or send a note with your child, or email me to schedule a conference and/or discuss your concerns.  Let’s have a great year!


Mrs. Harris, M.Ed.