Academic Research

For the parents...

Why did I create this website? I created it as a resource for students and parents to be able to access additional resources when the student is away from the classroom. Even though students are learning these concepts at school, having a home environment that supports education in beneficial to students. In addition, having extra practice at the skills learned in the classroom helps students to perform better. Below are some articles that explain why this is so important. 

For parents concerned about students spending too much time online, here is an article about the positive effects of students' engagement with online academic resources. This is another article with a similar theme. As the world becomes more technology-dependent, it is important for students to know how to use these resources to improve their success. 

Here is an article about evidence-based practices for reading and mathematics for students with disabilities. It includes information promoting the use of online resources as a way of differentiating instruction and the importance of the home-school connection.

This article and this article give information about how enrichment in the home helps students succeed in school.

As you can see, there is tons of information supporting the use of online resources to help students, as well as research that promotes academic enrichment at home. So what are you waiting for? Help your child succeed today! I'll do everything I can to provide you with high-quality online resources that you can use at home. Your job is to support your child, help him or her choose the resources that will be the most beneficial, and have fun!