Online Resources

Why have online resources?

The internet has many wonderful resources to help you be successful in school. Some websites have step-by-step guides with pictures that can help to explain difficult concepts. Videos and audio clips can also be useful for this. Many math skills in particular make more sense after students are able to see multiple ways of solving problems. If you are having trouble with something that we are learning, just search for the topic on Google or YouTube to find plenty of websites available to help. There are several online websites that can act as virtual classrooms where you are able to log on and practice skills. Students in my classroom have login info for and On these sites you can get extra practice at home on things that we are working on in the classroom. You can even work ahead if you want! Below I've listed a few resources that I've found helpful for students. 

Math Resources:

If you need practice on your math facts, go to and log in. This will help you to answer those basic math facts quickly.

Long division has been a tricky skill. This video shows a good way of breaking down those problems to make them easier it understand. has math games covering a ton of different topics. 

ELA Resources: 

Students can login to to read books online. 

Here's a link to podcast that reads books aloud to you. Even if you aren't reading the book yourself, listening to books read aloud can help you build your comprehension skills and introduce you to some really fun stories. 

General Resources:

This is a wonderful blog that I stumbled upon a few years ago. This teacher has TONS of useful information and resources available. It's geared towards teachers, but can be useful to just about anyone. 

Here is another teacher's website. She has links to a lot of fun reading and math activities!