School Supplies


Please have all school supplies by August 26th (A Day) and August 29th (B Day).

Students will need the following supplies in my class each time we meet. It is the responsibility of the student to bring them to class.


- 2" or 3" three-ring binder (used ONLY for Mrs. Hollon's class)


-set of 5 index style divider tabs

-package of notebook paper (wide rule, 200 sheets)

-package of ballpoint pens (black or blue)

-package of #2 pencils

-tiny monkey

-package of Pink Erasers (3 to 5 erasers)

-colored pen for grading (any color but black or blue)

-multi-pack of 3x3 colored sticky notes

- package of 3x5 lined index cards

- 2 two-pocket style folders (NO brads)



All students are encourage to participate in the Shared Supplies Challenge. The class that brings the most of the supplies listed below will be rewarded with....... SWEETY'S DONUTS!!!!! Challenge ends August 30th!

-box of Kleenex

-bottle of germ-X