Mrs. Gordon's Math Class Website

Welcome to Mrs. Gordon's math website!


Welcome parents and students to Wallace Middle School.  I am Mrs. Gordon, your child's sixth grade math teacher.  On this site, parents and students can view everything they need to know for math class.  

Since transitioning to middle school can be stressful for students and parents, I created this website to make math class easy for success.  

This site contains information for the following:

1.  Classroom Rules

2.  Procedures; including rewards and consequences

3.  Homework assignments by date assigned

4.  Quizzes: dates of upcoming quizzes and what to expect


This site is a great way for parents to have access to my classroom and to keep updated with what is going on in class. Students can use this website if they forget anything, especially what the homework assignment is.  If you want specific information on your child you must contact me via phone or email.

 Mrs. Gordon

6th grade math teacher at Wallace Middle School

Phone:  (860) 574-8144