Homework Assignments

Homework is usually assigned Mondays through Thursdays.  There are some exceptions but I never give homework on Fridays.  Students may make up missed homework as long as it is within the time limit.  I must enter my grades on Progress Book, which is the grading software that the district uses.  I am mandated to do this by the school district. Since I must log the grades online, students can only make up homework one month at a time.  I input each month's homework at the end of each month.  I will not allow homework from previous months to be made up.  I will give a deadline before I enter the grades online.  

 For example:  I will only allow students to hand in late homework for the month of September until the final week of September.  Once we are in the month of October, I will post the homework average for September onto Progress Book and students can no longer make up September's homework because the grades are posted.   

August 30 - September 3 :  No homework will be given the first week of school 

September  7:  Math worksheet

September 8:  Math worksheet

September 9:  Math worksheet

September 13:  no homework because we had to input grades on our navigator calculators.

September 14: finish worksheet on fractions and pictures.  Green and blue group will not have homework because they will not have math class due to watching the 9/11 film in the auditorium.

September 15:  Orange and yellow groups must finish the worksheet given.  Green, blue and red groups must make pictures to match the following fractions:  2/5, 4/8,  1   1/3,  3  3/5,  7  6/10,  5  2/4,  3/10,  2  5/8,  4  1/4,  and 6  1/5.

September 16:  worksheet; this is a study guide for Friday's quiz.  The quiz will be on the material covered all week in class, including this study guide.

September 20:  no homework

September 21:  double bar graph worksheet

September 22:  six multiplication problems 

September 23:  given 5 fractions, students must decide if each is greater than, less than or equal to 1/2.

September 27:  estimate the following fractions as closer to 0, 1/2, or 1:  5/10,  3/4,  3/5,  4/10

September 28:  estimate the following fractions as closer to 0, 1/2, or 1:  9/10, 1/8, 2/5, 3/4

September 29:  study guide for tomorrow's quiz

October 4:  Page 200 in math book.  Problems 11-20

October 5:  Page 200.  Problems 21-30

October 6:  Convert mixed to improper and improper to mixed:  1 and 3/5,   1 and 4/10,   2 and 1/2,  5/2,  7/3,  16/10