Rewards and Consequences


A raffle ticket will be given at the end of every class period to students who follow the rules and receive no warnings.  A name will be pulled out of the raffle ticket box every Friday and a prize will be given to the winner of that class.

 Students who follow the rules and show good citizenship towards others may also receive a paws ticket.  This is a school wide reward.  Any teacher can give a paw to any student at any time if they are caught doing something good or helpful.  This paw will be placed in a big box in the yeshion office and the PBS representative will pull one name from the box every week and the winner will receive a prize. 



A warning is given if a rule is broken.

Three warnings given in one period results in a detention.

After three detention or extremely severe behavior will result in a written referral.  This is sent to the office and the principal will determine the appropriate action.