Quizzes are given every Friday.  I teach one concept for the entire week and quiz on Friday.  There are usually ten questions and students have the entire period to complete the quiz.  Only students with IEP's and 504's are allowed extra time.  If a student is absent, he/she will make up the quiz the day he/she comes back to school.  If a student refuses to take a quiz in class, a zero is given and it cannot be made up.  

Students must take the quiz in pencil.  If they use anything else, I will take five points off of their quiz.

If a student fails a quiz, he/she can make up the quiz.  Arrangements need to be made with me prior because I need parents permission.  We can plan to get to school a little early and the child can re-take the quiz.  The child MUST re-take the quiz in my classroom.  I WILL NOT except a made up quiz from home.  I need to see the child take the quiz myself. 

September 3rd - There will be no quiz on this day. 

September 10:  There will be no quiz on this day.  A district assessment will be given on Wednesday and Thursday.  The school will be showing a film on Friday September 11 so there was no time to teach a complete lesson.

September 17:  Quiz on fractions and pictoral representations.

September 24:  no quiz because we just started learning about estimating fractions.  The next quiz will be on Thursday 9/30 about estimating fractions.

September 30:  quiz on estimating fractions

October 8:  quiz on converting mixed numbers and improper fractions