Homework Log

Uh-oh! Did you forget your assignment notebook?

No problem!  Keep up with all homework assignments here. We will keep a log of all 2nd Quarter homework assignments, just in case assignment notebooks are left behind. 

Monday 11/8/10        

Math- (JH) worksheet P1-10,  (AB) worksheets R5-11, and P12-6

Spelling- (JH) workbook page 53, (AB, WH, BK, BR) workbook page 52

Tuesday 11/9/10

Math- (JH) Rounding Worksheet, (WH, BK, BR) Worksheet #2,4,5,6,8, 9, 10, & 12.

Social Studies- Find 2 examples of the specific type of government given.

Thursday 11/11/10             

Math- (WH, BK, EC, BR) division worksheet

Writing- (JH) packet 10A-10C & 20A-D

Monday 11/29/10     

Math- (AB) Green Worksheets (JH) Problem-Solving Skill Worksheet.         

D.E.A.R- Word of the week "instigate" due Wednesday.

Social Studies- (WH) Read pages 86-90, (WH, JH, BK, EC, AB) complete question #1 on page 90. 

Tuesday 11/30/2010

Social Studies- Worksheet: What is Culture?

Math- (JH) Rounding and Number Patterns Worksheet, only do highlighted problems. (BK, WH, EC) Blue: Worksheet 7-12 #'s 1,3,5.

Science- Do the checkpoint question on page 97.

D.E.A.R- Word of the week due tomorrow. 

Wednesday 12/01/10 


Thursday 12/02/10    

Math- Blue: Worksheet 7-12 #'s 2,4,6 (BK, EC, and WH) Purple: Subtraction Worksheet (JH)

Spelling- Worksheet (BK, AB, JH, WH, EC)

Reading/Writing- Read Chapters 4-5, pick two vocabulary words per chapter and write them in context.

Friday 12/03/10


Monday 12/06/10

Math- (JH) Counting Money Worksheet (AB) Angle and Protractor Practice Sheet

D.E.A.R.- Word of the Week "sluggish" due on Wednesday.

Tuesday 12/07/10

Math- (JH) Money Worksheets, (WH, BK, and EC) Worksheet

D.E.A.R.- Word of the Week "sluggish" due tomorrow.

Reading- Read Number the Stars, Chapters 10 & 11

Spelling- (AB, WH, JH, BK, and EC) Worksheet

Wednesday 12/08/10

Math- (AB) Worksheet

Thursday 12/09/10

Math- (WH & BK) Worksheet, (JH) Find Total Value Worksheet

Social Studies- Answer question on top left corner of page 776 in you Social Studies packet.

Friday 12/10/10

Read Number the Stars Chapter 15, complete handout

Monday 12/13/10

D.E.A.R.- Word of the Week "stamina" due on Wednesday.

Spelling - (AB, BK, WH, JH, & EC) Worksheet

Tuesday 12/14/10

D.E.A.R.- Word of the Week "stamina" due on Wednesday.

Wednesday 12/15/10


Thursday 12/16/10


Friday 12/17/10



Monday 01/03/11

D.E.A.R.- Word of the Week "desolate" due Wednesday

Math - Money Worksheet (JH); Complete # 's 5-6 on page 436 (BK, WH, and EC)

Tuesday 01/04/11

D.E.A.R.- Word of the Week "desolate" due tomorrow

Math - Coins worksheets (JH)

Science - Finish the Element Scavenger Hunt activity

Spelling - Everyday Spelling pg.80 #'s 1-12 (JH), Spelling Worksheet Think and Practice (JH, WH, BK, and EC)

Wednesday 01/05/11

Math - (JH) Addition and Subtraction Worksheet (JH) Coin Multiple Choice Worksheet

Spelling - Extra Practice Worksheet (JH, BK, EC, and WH)

Thursday 01/06/11

Math - Addition, Subtraction, and Money Worksheets (JH) Polygon Worksheet (BK, WH, and EC)

Spelling - Review Worksheet (EC, BK, WH, and JH)

Friday 01/07/11


Monday 01/10/11

Math - Addition, Subtraction, and Money Worksheets (JH) Worksheet (BK, EC, and WH)

Spelling - Think and Practice Worksheet