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Following are a list of webpages our kids really enjoy. Some are for fun, others are for practice, all are entertaining Cool

EDUCATIONAL On this page students are able to practice their multiplication through fun and interactive games. We use this site during out Friday Math Review.  This is another site that the students enjoy going to for math practice, under Math Arcade.  This is an educational math site, but it also has some really fun games that the students like to play, such as Boombot and Castle Defense.  This is another site that is educational, and fun.  =) The kids enjoy Guide the Gecko, Math Man, and Math Lines.


FUN like to go to this site during their free computer time.  It has an index with scores of games - always entertaining! Everyone has wondered what it would be like to be a superhero. Well, on this site, you can create a superhero to your liking.  The kids really like this one Smile   The students call this the "powder game" and is their newest craze!   This is an awesome art program that some of the students have discovered!  A really cool basketball game the students found on their own.



Get 2 Months for $5!