About Me

I graduated from Fayetteville State University in December of 2008 and began teaching at Alpha Academy the same month.  I throughly loved teaching 4th grade at Alpha, but sadly had to leave for two years to move with my husband and two daughters at the time to Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  We did everything we could to get back to Fayetteville, NC so I could come back to Alpha Academy.  We had another daughter in 2010 and now my husband and I have a completed family of him, Rebecca (shes in 1st Grade), Loralie (shes in preschool), Abigail (1 year), Alice our dog and my mom!

I hope you are ready for a very busy and fun filled 4th grade year!  Please remember I will push you to be your best and will always strive to have you be respectful to yourself and others!