About Me

I am so excited to meet all your children and have a wonderful year learning new things and growing in God’s love. 


A little about me.  I have been married for 8 years to my best friend Kelly, who blessed me with a bonus daughter who is now 13 and headed into 8th grade.  Together we have two busy and active boys, Bodie in 2st grade and Brady who is headed to Kindergarten this year.   


In the spring of 2015 I received my CDA Credential which included work experience, education, observation and a test which certified me to teach preschool.  This was a very exciting accomplishment that I am proud of and know that it benefits your children.   During this time, I felt called to continue my education and finally earn my BS in Elementary Education.  Attending Grand Canyon University, I have earned my place on the President’s List and am a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society.  I look forward to my upcoming graduation the Winter of 2017. 


Classroom Philosophy

The tone and respect of the classroom will start with me.  I will prepare and plan for thorough, exciting lesson plans that promote curiosity and discovery as well as positive social-emotional growth.  “Dead time interferes with students' learning, and it is contagious.” (de Frondeville, 2009).  Dead time will be minimal and the students will have access to choice activities when they have completed assigned tasks. 


Students will participate in creating classroom guidelines that promote respectful interactions with teachers, peers and the school at large, these will be posted for easy reference.  The principals of Love and Logic will be used for social and emotional development, “logic allows our kids to figure out for themselves the cause and effect patterns of how their decision and behaviors lead to certain consequences” (Fay, 1992). Encouraging students to weigh their choices according to outcomes and natural consequences.   Students will know and understand that disruptive and disrespectful behavior will be met with specific unwavering, non-negotiable consequences.  Positive reinforcement will be a way to encourage the habits of self-discipline, kindness and service to others.  Students “caught” engaging in these positive behaviors will be praised and will add to the classroom goal of earning a movie with popcorn. 


Outside of the classroom we will walk alongside the school’s mission and be great examples to other students.  I will encourage the students to use the skills they have learned in class on the playground, at home, and while out in their communities.  Through this classroom management plan I will prepare the students not only for academic learning but how to grow as active members of their communities.


With a Grateful Heart,

Mrs. Bland