Classroom Rules

  1. Listening Ears – I will listen attentively and follow directions
  2. Raised Hands – I will raise my hand before speaking
  3. Walking Feet – I will walk in the classroom and school to be safe
  4. Helping Hands – I will use my hands for helping and not hurting
  5. Caring Hearts – I will use kind respectful words with students, teachers and all others in the classroom and throughout the school.

Consequence Ladder

  • Green – A good day
  • Yellow - Warning
  • Orange – Thinking Worksheet
  • Red –  Parent note requesting a written apology for specific behaviors
  • Black - Referral to school counselor or vice principal

Behavior Expectations:

The principals of Love and Logic will be used for social and emotional development, “logic allows our kids to figure out for themselves the cause and effect patterns of how their decision and behaviors lead to certain consequences” (Fay, 1992). Encouraging students to weigh their choices according to outcomes and natural consequences.   Students will know and understand that disruptive and disrespectful behavior will be met with specific unwavering, non-negotiable consequences.  Positive reinforcement will be a way to encourage the habits of self-discipline, kindness and service to others. 

Reward System

Reward systems will be in place to promote adherence to classroom rules and promote students choosing kindness, respect and serving others. In my classroom the reward system will start with a 1 Quart jar to fill with marbles.  As the year progresses the jar will become increasingly larger requiring more marbles to earn the rewards.  All students will have a chance to participate in the reward system, even those that struggle with following the classroom rules.  Students will add marbles for turning in homework on time, being an active community member in their classroom and for working as a collaborative team.  All students will benefit from feeling the success of achieving a goal as a team. 


Digital Citizenship

Students will learn how to become safe users that use the internet effectively for their academic growth.  Students will not share any personal information in any online forum, including email.  Computers will be used in all of our subjects as they learn how to navigate software programs and learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Word and Power Point.