About Mrs. Jacoby

So you want to know more about Mrs. Jacoby...

Well, Mrs. Jacoby attended Concordia University in Mequon, where she recieved her degree in Elementary/Middle School Education.  Her focuses were Mathematics and German Language.  While attending Concordia she secured a part time job at Target in Grafton.  She has been working there ever since and has worked in almost every department of the store.  Currently she is employed as a competative shopper, which means she gets to go to Wal-mart to secret shop their prices.  It can be very exciting. 

Mrs. Jacoby has been married for a little over 1 year.  Mr. & Mrs. Jacoby enjoy hanging out with their cat Beep-Beep, watching movies, gardening, and even clowning around at parades (literally).   

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