7th grade Language Arts assignments



Week of:  October 3 – October 7

Language Arts – 7th grade

Course:  Grammar, Spelling, Literature

Mrs. Jahnke

Christian Academy of Prescott










Monday                                      October 3

Personal experiences poem

Grammar:  Finish your rough draft for Wednesday’s work

Spelling:  copy words and definitions in journal

Tuesday                                    October 4

Carry on, Mr. Bowditch

Chapters 21-22

Lit:  Complete reading and Chapters 21-22 study guide.  Turn in before we leave for Spiritual Emphasis Retreat

Spelling:  study for test

Wednesday                              October 5

Personal experiences poem

Pray for your experiences while on our retreat

Thursday                                   October 6

Spiritual Emphasis Retreat

We’ll be growing!

Friday                                        October 7

Spiritual Emphasis Retreat

Have a great Fall Break

If you are absent, you may need to schedule time after school for assistance.


God has used many kinds of writing to suit His purposes.  He wrote poetry in Psalms and also in Exodus, Deuteronomy, Job, and the Major and Minor Prophets.  If God values poetry, then so should we.