These poems are from JGriffin's wonderful website.

First Six Weeks Poems-


I raise my hand to speak,
And work quietly at my seat.
I keep my hands to myself,
And I use a voice soft and sweet.
I am helpful to my friends,
And I keep my desk nice and neat!

A Circle of Friends

We've joined together as classmates
as the new year begins...
A year full of learning
while we become friends.
We'll share and be kind
as we work and play.
And our friendship will grow
with each passing day.

My School Promise

Each day I'll do my best,
And I won't do any less.
My work will always please me,
And I won't accept a mess.
I'll color very carefully,
My writing will be neat.
And I will not be happy,
Till my papers are complete.
I'll always do my homework,
And try my best on every test.
I won't forget my promise,
To do my very best!

I'm Glad I'm Me
No one looks
 The way I do.
 I have noticed
 That it's true.
 No one walks the way I walk.
 No one talks the way I talk.
 No one plays the way I play.
 No one says the things I say.
 I am special.
 I am me.
 There's no one else
 I'd rather be!

Community Helpers

Mailmen deliver mail,
Nurses help us when we're sick,
Bankers deposit money,
Farmers raise cows, goats, and chicks.

Doctors, teachers, and police,
We all need them so.
Each does an important part --
Always on the go.

Bus drivers, sales and firemen,
Couldn't do without them too!
Can't wait ‘til you grow up,
There's so many jobs for you!!

Open A Book
By Jane Baskwill

Open a book
And you will find
People and places of every kind
Open a book
And you can be
Anything that you want to be:
Open a book
And you can share
Wondrous worlds you find in there
Open a books
And I will too
You read to me
And I'll read to you.

Money Poem

Penny, penny, easily spent,
Copper brown and worth one cent.
Nickel, nickel, thick and fat,
You’re worth five. I know that.
Dime, dime, little and thin,
I remember—you’re worth ten.
Quarter, quarter, big and bold,
You’re worth twenty-five, I am told.
Half a dollar, half a dollar,
Giant size.
Fifty cents to buy some fries.
Dollar, dollar, green and long,
With 100 cents you can’t go wrong.



Autumn leaves float quietly down
 And form a carpet on the ground.
 But when those leaves are stepped upon,
 Listen for the crackling sound.

What is a Whale?

A whale is not as small as us.
Most whales are bigger than a bus!
A whale is not like a fish in the sea.
A whale breathes air like you and me.
A whale can't walk upon the ground.
A whale must swim to get around.
A whale is a mammal just like me.
But its home is in the deep blue sea.

Caterpillar Song

I started as a tiny egg
 Upon a leaf of green
 And now I stay upon the leaf
 So I will not be seen

 Soon I'll build a chrysalis
 Upon a limb up high
 I'll stay a while and then come out
 And be a butterfly

Little Bat

Small and furry,
little bat
fly through the sky at night.
Listen' listen,
little bat
as echoes guide your flight.
Swoop and dive,
little bat
catch insects as you fly.
Hurry, hurry,
little bat
back to your cave nearby.
Snug and warm,
little bat
toes hold the ceiling tight.
Sleepy, sleepy,
little bat
wrapped in your wings until night

The Spider Web

The spider spun a silver web
Above the gate last night.
It was round with little spokes
And such a pretty sight.
This morning there were drops of dew
Hung on it, one by one;
They changed to diamonds, rubies red
When they were lit with sun.
A spiders nice to have around
To weave a web so fine.
On which to string the drops of dew
That catch the bright sunshine.

The Seed

What a funny seed I found,
 I wondered what would grow?
 So I planted it in the ground,
 And now I know!

Little leaves were first to sprout,
 Growing in a line,
 Then golden blossoms opened out
 Along the vine.

And then something grew-and grew and grew!
 The biggest ever seen!
 And now I have a pumpkin-
 Just in time for HALLOWEEN!

Wonderful World

I can see
Trees and grass,
The sun and sky;
I can taste
Chocolate ice cream,
Apple pie;
I can hear
Music, laughter,
Words you said;
I can smell
Perfume, flowers,
Baking bread;
I can touch
Silk and velvet,
A baby's skin;
What a wonderful
World I'm in!

Eva Grant


Pass The Poems, Please
by Jane Baskwill

Pass the poems please
 Pile them on my plate
 Put them right in front of me
 For I can hardly wait
 To take each tangy word
 To try each tasty rhyme
 And when I've tried them once or twice
 I'll try them one more time:
 So pass the poems please
 They just won't leave my head
 I have to have more poems
 Before I go to bed.

I Ate Too Much Turkey
by Jack Prelutsky

I ate too much turkey,
I ate too much corn,
I ate too much pudding and pie,
I'm stuffed up with muffins
and much too much stuffin',
I'm probably going to die.
I piled up my plate
and I ate and I ate,
but I wish I had known when to stop,
for I'm so crammed with yams,
sauces, gravies, and jams
that my buttons are starting to pop.
I'm full of tomatoes
and french fried potatoes,
my stomach is swollen and sore,
but there's still some dessert,
so I guess it won't hurt
if I eat just a little bit more.

Thanksgiving Prayer
by Susan D. Anderson

I’m thankful for my mother, and
I’m thankful for my dad.
I’m thankful for my sisters, and
for all the fun we’ve had.
I’m thankful for my brother, Tom,
(even when he’s jerky.)
But most of all, I’m oh-so-thankful
not to be a turkey.

Oh, What a Feast!
Deborah P. Cerbus

Turkey and gravy
Corn on my plate.
Oh, what a feast for me.
Cranberries and stuffing
I can't wait.
Oh, what a feast for me.
Bread and potatoes
Dessert is great.
Oh, what a feast for me.
I love Thanksgiving
Fill up my plate.
Oh, what a feast for me!

The First Thanksgiving
Jack Prelutsky

If I Could Find Old Santa

If I could find old Santa
I'd ask him for a ride.
Under the fur-trimmed blankets
I'd nestle by his side.
But when he went a climbing
Down, down the chimney tall
I'd wait for him upon the roof
For fear that I might fall.
I'd sit and hold the reindeer
And if they tried to go,
I'd call out to them loudly,
Whoa! Reindeer, whoa!

Jean Conder Soule

Surprises are round
Or long and tallish.
Surprises are square
Or flat and smallish.

Surprises are wrapped
With paper and bow,
And hidden in closets
Where secrets won't show.

Surprises are often
Good things to eat;
A get-well toy or
A birthday treat.

Surprises come
In such interesting sizes -



In this new year
I'll be so good.
I'll do the things
I know I should.
I'll wash my hands
And comb my hair
And never tip back in my chair.
I'll be so kind to my little brother
And help my sister, father, and my mother.
In this new year
Will you be good
And do the things
You know you should?

Groundhog's Holiday

The second month, the second day,
We know is Groundhog's Holiday.
The keeper of the local zoo,
Photographers, reporters, too,
Anxiously await together
Woodchuck's forecast of the weather.
Each year this time he leaves his hearth,
His home beneath good Mother Earth.
He wiggles out to see the sun
And sure enough - ask anyone-
Should he perchance his shadow see,
Back to his home again he'll flee.
And that sign's still the surest thing
Six weeks must pass before it's spring!

Is It True?
Margaret Hillert

The groundhog plays a little game.
(Woodchuck is his other name.)
If he finds no shadow here,
Spring is very, very near.
But if he sees his shadow small,
Winter isn't done at all,
And back into his hole he'll creep
For six more weeks of winter sleep.

The Groundhog

The funny little groundhog
Digs a home in the fall,
And hides there all winter
Rolled up in a ball.
On February 2nd
He comes out of there
To look at the sky
And to sniff the air.

Mr. Groundhog's Shadow

A groundhog lives down deep in the ground.
He sleeps through the winter.
And every year about this time,
He wakes up and wonders,
"Is it time to get out of bed
Or pull the covers back over my head?"
So he pokes his head up out of the ground.
Will he see his shadow?

Groundhog Day
Mary Toots

Groundhog, groundhog,
What do you seek?
As out of your hole
You quietly peek.

If the day be fair
Your shadow will be
Cast on the ground
For all to see.

And back to your lair,
You'll quickly creep
And for six long weeks
Again you'll sleep.

But if we're lucky,
The sky will be gray,
And your shadow
Today will be far away.

Then all of us
Will dance and sing.
'Cause just around the corner
Here comes Spring!

My Valentine
Frank Dally

It's nice to have a friend like you.
I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
Because you make me feel so fine,
I'll take you for my valentine!


Behind Closed Doors

        When school is out
and the door is closed,
in the third grade room 205,
do you suppose…
    the chalk talks?
    the floor snores?
    the clock knocks?
    the pencil stencils?
    the computer tutors?
    the books cook?
    the chairs pair?
    the fish wish?
    the flowers shower?
Kay Winters