Every week the students have a new spelling list which corresponds with the story we are reading in the basal.  All of the spelling lists are uploaded to Spellingcity.com.  I highly encourage you to visit this website.  On Spellingcity.com, the students can play spelling games, test themselves, and print out handwriting sheets.

Nightly Spelling Homework:

Monday- Workbook page

Tuesday- 10 Sentences

Wednesday- 3 times each in ABC order

Thursday- Cursive Sheet and Study

Friday- Spelling Test!

To get to my Spellingcity.com website:

1. Go to www.spellingcity.com

2. At the top, click on "find a list"

3. Search by "teacher"

4. Type "Jamie Glokler"

5.  Click on "Jamie Glokler"

6. Select current list, then "teach me", "test me", or "play a game"

7. Have fun!