Spelling /Vocabulary

Week 1

Sunday:  Write words 2 times each in cursive

Monday:  Make vocabulary squares for words 1-5

Tuesday:  Make vocabulary squares for words 6-10

Wednesday: Make vocabulary squares for words 11-15  

Week 2 

Sunday: Make vocabulary squares for words 16-20 ****Extra Credit Words 21-25

Monday: Put words in ABC order

Tuesday:  Write each word 2 times each in cursive

Wednesday:  study for spelling test Thursday!



Chapter 3

Math Workbook

pages 3.1-3.5

Place Value

Math workbook pages 1:1-1:5


Sunday: In your writing notebook, make a brainstorming web. Monday:  Now that you have taken some time to think, you will have some good ideas for your paragraph. Remember to choose one topic and keep to that topic. You must have strong topic sentence, five to eight supporting sentences, and a good concluding sentence.Complete a rough draft of your paragraph in your writing notebook.  Label the paper “Rough Draft.”



Tuesday: Have someone check and edit your paper.Wednesday:  Copy your final draft neatly in cursive.

_____ 1. Did you use correct paragraph format?
_____ 2. Did you work on getting everything spelled and punctuated correctly?
_____ 3. Did you focus on the five areas of GOOD WRITING especially IDEAS?
_____ 4. Did you use 5-8 sentences (including topic and concluding sentence)?

_____5. Did you include an interesting title for your paragraph?
_____ 6. Did you get the signature of person who checked your rough draft?
_____ 7. Is your final written neatly in cursive?