Yang the Third and Her Impossible Family

(Words with Long o and u)

 You will need to spell correctly and know the definition of each word. 

1.               soul

2.               smoke



Week 1

Sunday:  Write words 2 times each in ursive

Monday:  Make vocabulary squares for words 1-5

Tuesday: Make vocabulary squares for words 6-10

Wednesday: Make vocabulary squares for words 11-15   Week 2 

Sunday: Make vocabulary squares for words 16-20 ****Extra Credit Words 21-25

Monday: Put words in ABC order

Tuesday:  Write each word 2 times each in              cursive

Wednesday:  Study for spelling test


4.               clue

5.               fruits

6.               lose

7.               chose

8.               stole

9.               prove

10.           produce

11.           juice

12.           drove

13.           Tuesday

14.           rescue

15.           continue

16.           issue

17.           ego

18.           argue

19.           cruise

20.           toll

Challenge Words

21. forehead*

22. include*

23. rehearsal

24. fourth*

25. course* High Frequency Words Practice reading these words as fast as you can. 
  1. spring
  2. case
  3. laughed
  4. nation
  5. quite
  6. type
  7. themselves
    Vocabulary Words

    audition a tryout to test the ability of an actor or a musician
    sonata a musical composition, usually in several movements or sections
    accompanist a musician who plays music to support the main part
    accompaniment music played to aid and support the main musical feature
    grimaced expressed pain, annoyance, or disgust
    simultaneously happening at the same time


See’s Behind Tree’s

Vocabulary/Spelling Words

Words with long a, e, and i

You will need to spell correctly and know the definition of each word. 

1.      stayed*

2.      brain

3.      thief

4.      meat*

5.      flight

6.      style

7.      delighted

8.      daily

9.      breathe

10.   meanwhile

11.   believes

12.   tonight

13.   increased

14.   explained

15.   slightly

16.   payment

17.   brief*

18.   tray

19.   byte

20.   raise

Challenge Words

21.   tight*

22.   type

23.   remain

24.   chief

25.   pleaded*

High Frequency Words

 Practice reading these words as fast as you can.

  1. already
  2. instead
  3. phrase
  4. soil
  5. bed
  6. copy
  7. free
  8. hope

Sees Behind Trees

Story Vocabulary Words

quiver a case for carrying arrows
tread the act, manner, or sound of walking
moss a tiny, delicate, flowerless plant that grows in clumps on trees and rocks
sternly in a harsh or strict manner
exaggerate to make something appear greater than it really is

to settle down or become calm