Capitalization Rules

Mickey Mouse ... names of people

Thanksgiving Day... holidays

Empire State Building...  names of buildings

Sunday... days of the week

January... months of the year

Main Street... names of streets

Dublin, New Hampshire... cities and states

North America... continents

United States... countries

Dear Fred, ... letter greeting

Sincerely yours, ...first word of letter closing

A Wrinkle in Time... titles (first, last, & all important

words in-between)

The sun dipped slowly.  ... first word in a sentence

We are here,” Tim and he said.  ...first word in a quote


A declarative sentence tells

something that ends with a



The earthquake caused a great deal of damage.

Stay calm during an earthquake.

The woods were quiet.


An exclamatory sentence

expresses strong feeling. It

ends with an exclamation mark.



I’m scared and I want my mommy!

Duck and cover!

An imperative sentence gives a

request or an order. It usually

ends with a period.


Please take that away from me.

Stay where you are.

Get under the tree.

An interrogative sentence asks

a question. It ends with a

question mark.


What was that?

How should he protect himself in the woods?

Where could he hide?