Suppy List

Supplies to Bring!

Your child will need the following supplies in Grade 5:

·        HB pencils( no mechanical pencils)

·        Pencil sharpener

·        Erasers

·        Blue pens

·        Ruler(30cm)

·        Scissors

·        8 plastic folders

·        1 set of colored pencils

·        Markers

·        Glue sticks

·        Highlighter

·        1 clipboard

·        1 ream of computer paper

·        1 package of lined paper

·        2 boxes of tissues 

Please check your students pencil case regularly to replace missing items and make sure it contains only the necessary items.  Only plain, normal pencils please!  No stickers! Only glue sticks.    Keep in mind that many of the cleaver, fun items are distracting to some students. 

Rule of thumb…the more fun the pencil is, the more it should stay at home.