How to Contact Me

I am an English teacher in the STEM Academy at HVA.  My workroom is in the downstairs D hallway (D113).  I can be found in the workroom before school, after school, and during my plan period.  Keep up with HVA STEM information using this link.  

My schedule is as follows:

1st Block                             D115                     Honors English and World History Combined


2nd Block

        D116 English 9 CP


3rd Block



PLAN - STEM Workroom

Flight Time E105

STEM Grades 10-12


4th Block D116 English 9CP



All students should follow me on Twitter @MrsJenniferPace  I will often post interesting articles, updates to homework assignments (especially if there are changes due to inclement weather, reminders of upcoming assessments, etc.   I also offer EXTRA CREDIT at various times throughout the year.  A comment + a photo or visual of the assignment earns extra points.  9th Grade Honors students should always post with the hashtag #9HonCombo.  9th Grade CP students should always post with the hashtag #PaceCP.  

If you have questions or need to contact me, please make note that it is best if you email me.  My email address is


You can call the school at 865-690-9690.  Again, it is best if you email me.


I can get to school early (by 7:45) and/or stay late any day for students to do make up work, as long as this has been arranged with me in advance. Likewise, if a student needs one on one tutoring in regards to a specific assignment, I can come early or stay late, but again, this needs to be arranged with me in advance.