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English 9CP


Tuesday, August 29

1.  Start Pt. II of The Odyssey - read together through "Coming Home," "Father and Son," and "The Beggar and the Faithful Dog" - answer questions on study guide that pertain to what we have read.

2.  20 minutes to finalize Odyssey Map


1.  Read "The Test of the Great Bow" and answer the study guide questions that go with this section.

2.  Study for Mythology/Odyssey Test - on Friday.

Monday, August 28

1.  Warm-UP/SSR -- collect The Odyssey Pt. I Study Guide

2.  Odysseus' Journey - Map

3.  Start reading The Odyssey Pt. II


1.  Be studying Mythology Intro Notes and reviewing Part One of The Odyssey.  Final Odyssey/Mythology Unit Test on Friday.

Friday, August 25

1.  Review/quiz each other - Odyssey Voc #3 Quiz

2.  Read "The Land of the Dead" and answer the study guide questions for this new section. You can add onto the Part I study guide you've already completed.  


1.  Finish "The Land of the Dead" and the study guide questions that go with it.  Also read "The Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis" and answer those questions as well.  Be prepared for a mini reading quiz on Monday.  We will finish Pt. I together in class on Monday.

Thursday, August 24

1.  Return Odyssey Voc #3 HW

2.  Work on Odyssey Voc #3 Practice Sentences

3.  Continue watching The Odyssey; work on film guide


1.  Study for The Odyssey Voc #3 Quiz - tomorrow

Tuesday and Wednesday, August 22-23

1.  Collect Odyssey Voc #3 HW

2.  The Odyssey film - work on film guide as we watch.  


1.  Read "The Enchantress Circe" and answer the study guide questions that pertain.

2.  Download The Odyssey Voc #3 KEY from website - STUDY; quiz on Monday.

Monday, August 21

1.  Warm-UP/SSR -- collect Odyssey Study Guide #1

2.  Read Circe, the Sirens, and Scylla and Charybdis in The Odyssey.  Answer questions as we read and discuss.


1.  Odyssey Voc #3 Wkst - due tomorrow.

Friday, August 18

1.  Review/quiz each other - Odyssey Voc #2 Quiz

2.  Warm-UP/SSR - answer questions pertaining to our reading yesterday (1st half of "The Cyclops")

3.  Finish reading "The Cyclops" and complete the questions on the study guide


1.  Complete the reading of "The Cyclops" and all the questions on the study guide; this completed study guide will be collected on Tuesday.

2.  Be reading your summer reading books.

3.  Enjoy the ECLIPSE.  Be safe!!

Thursday, August 17

1.  Warm-up/SSR

2.  Discuss questions from "Laertes' Son"

3.  Read "The Cyclops"


1.  STUDY for Odyssey Voc #2 Quiz - tomorrow

Wednesday, August 16

1.  Warm-UP/SSR - check homework

2.  Answer questions from last night's study guide

3.  Read the next section in Part I, "Laertes' Son"


1.  Download Ody Voc #2 KEY from website - STUDY!!!!  Quiz on Friday!

2.  Answer the questions for "Laertes' Son"

Tuesday, August 15

1.  Collect Odyssey Voc #2 HW; Warm-UP/SSR

2.  Review yesterday's opening to The Odyssey; answer study guide questions


1.  Download Ody Voc #2 KEY

2.  Answer questions for the portions we read today in class.

Monday, August 14

1.  Final call for paperwork, fees - attendance

2.  Library - check out a book for SSR

3.  Warm-UP/SSR

4.  Start reading The Odyssey together.  Packets/questions


1.  Complete The Odyssey Voc #2 HW - due tomorrow

Friday, August 11


1.  Voc Quick Review; collect any remaining syllabi, cell phone papers, and fees

2.  Take Myth/Odyssey Voc #1 Quiz

3.  Warm-UP

4.  Continue Mythology Intro Notes


1.  Be reading in Summer Reads - test on September 1.

Thursday, August 10


1.  Warm-UP; collect paperwork and fees

2.  Begin Greek Mythology 101 notes - students, whether they know the material or not, MUST take notes.  


1.  Study for Myth/Odyssey Voc #1 Quiz - tomorrow!  See me if you need a key.

2.  Be reading Flying Couch and your Summer Read book of choice - Summer Read test on Friday, September 1.

Wednesday, August 9

1.  Collect paperwork; fees; Myth/Ody Voc #1 HW; signed cell policy

2.  Mrs. Pace's Intro followed by Student Introductions

3.  Warm-UP


1.  Download Myth/Ody Voc KEY from website; be studying for quiz on Friday.

2.  Be reading/reviewing Summer Reads - Test on Friday, September 1.  See me if you don't have a book.

Tuesday, August 8

1.  Attendance/Seating Chart

2.  Syllabus

3.  Handout Mythology/Odyssey Voc #1 HW - discuss completion specifics

4.  Student Introduction Assignment - construction paper, magazines, etc.  


1.  Complete Mythology/Odyssey Voc #1 HW due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

2.  Get materials and get syllabus signed

Monday, August 7

1.  Attendance/Seating Chart

2.  Materials

3.  Intro information:  MLA Format and Website


1.  Get your materials by Monday, August 14.


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