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I will upload classroom handouts and homework to this page.  There are, at times, things of which I do not have a digital copy. These things will only be available in the classroom. Students are to be familiar with this site, this link in particular.  This link is very helpful for those who have been absent.  Students can check to see what it is we've done while they were out and come to class with copies they need in hand.  

English 9 Honors - Combined Syllabus

English 9CP Fall 2017 Syllabus

Student Introduction Assignment

STEM Summer Assignment Handout

9HON - Myth/Odyssey/Antigone Vocabulary Wkst.

9HON - Background to Ancient Greek Tragedy Handout

9CP Odyssey Voc #2 Wkst pdf

Digital Copy of The Odyssey Part I and Part II (both 9CP and 9Hon)

9HON - Ancient Greek Drama ppt

9HON Antigone/Odyssey Vocab KEY

9CP The Odyssey Part One Study Guide

9CP ODY Voc #2 KEY

FLIGHT TIME - "Without the Moon would there be Life on Earth?"

9HON - Odyssey Study Guide Part I

2nd and 4th Block - Odyssey Voc #3 KEY

FLIGHT TIME - Art through the Ages and The Solar Eclipse

Mythology 101 Intro PowerPoint








Get 2 Months for $5!