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Welcome to Mrs. Pace's English web page!

Here is a link to HVA's webpage.  https://www.knoxschools.org/hardinvalley

Please be sure to check the HVA main page for information regarding Summer Reading.  ALL students, no matter Honors or CP have books to read for their English classes.

This is my teacher web site.  I use this site everyday to update each class's agenda, homework, and handouts.  I will, at times, also upload educational videos to the Media link. It is vital for all students to check this site daily.  Being absesnt is not an excuse to not know what's going on in my class.  In fact, this page evolved as a way to cut down on the repetitive, "Did we do anything yesterday?  I wasn't here" comments.  The standard answer is always, "Yes! We did...this...and this....etc."  All high school students need to become more resourceful individuals.  This website is aimed at helping students and parents stay organized and up to date.  


Specific information can be found through the links below.  


I'm excited for a great year!  smiley


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