Projects and Assignments


Use the links below to complete assigned projects:

We will use the site below to "build" a WILD you! After you build your wild "you", we will use Microsoft Word to tell a story about the special things you can do with your new wild parts. Have fun!!



The Year I Was Born

Linked below you will find links to use to complete your research information about the year you were born. Over the next several class periods, you will be builing a PowerPoint to tell about the year you were born. Your PowerPoint must contain at least 7 slides, it may contain more.

Some examples for slide titles may be:

Entertainment (music, TV shows, movies, etc.), Headlines/News,  

The People of History - from 1800 to Present Day News, Prices, Popular Culture

dMarie Time Capsule
News and Events Year by Year (1900-2012)

Decade Timeline 2000's

1990's Important Events and Timeline

Historic Prices - Morris County Library

The People of History - 1800's to Today

What happened in my birth year? find out what song was #1 the day you were born Find the #1 Movie from the day you were born

The links below will provide you with free animations to use in your projects:Free Web Animations
Free Animated Gifs, Free Animations, and Free Clipart
Animation Library



Wonders of the World Trip

You are a travel agent and your job is to create a travel brochure to promote a trip to one of the Wonders of the World.

   A wonder of the world is defined as: something remarkable in the world (it can be ancient, manmade, or natural). The list of Wonders of the World changes over time. Some have been destroyed by natural or manmade disasters. Some have been weathered or changed by forces of nature. The Wonder of the World you choose must be a place you could visit.


  1. Choose one of the Wonders of the World using the following website:
  2. Use Microsoft Publisher to create an attractive, informative tri-fold brochure.
  3. Things to Include in your Travel Brochure:
    • Description of the Wonder – highlight the history and describe what visitors will see
    • Geography - location, include a map highlighting where the Wonder is located
    • Climate and overall weather conditions
    • Transportation – how will visitors travel to the site
    • Languages and Local Dialect
    • Traditional Foods
    • Pictures/Graphics
    • Additional Information – including cost to visit the Wonder



Fast Food Fun


Step 1:

Choose a fast food restaurant, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. and plan a meal from their menu. Your meal must include a main dish (a sandwich, salad, or other main dish), a side dish (French fries, onion rings, etc.), a drink, and a dessert. For each item on your menu, record the total calories and the grams of fat.


Step 2:

Create an Excel Spreadsheet as shown below.


Enter the following information as column headers:

  • B - Calories
  • C - Grams of Fat
  • D - Fat Calories
  • E - Non-fat Calories
  • F – Percentage of Fat


Enter your Menu items in column A starting in row 2.




Fat calories = Grams of Fat X 9


Therefore, you will need to write a formula for column D to figure out fat calories. (HINT: =C2*9)

To figure out the Non-fat Calories, you will need to write a formula for column E. (HINT: =C2-D2)

To figure out the percentage of calories from fat, divide fat calories by calories. Format the cells in column E for percentage. (HINT: =C2/B2)


To figure out total calories, total fat calories, and total non-fat calories,  you can use the AutoSum button or write a formula.  To figure out the total percentage of fat, divide total calories by total fat calories.

To figure out total calories, grams of fat, total fat calories, and total non-fat calories, you can use the AutoSum button or write a formula. 


Entering Data and Formulas:

Zebra Word Assignment:


Zebra travel in large herds, and often mingle with other wildlife, such as wildebeest. The most distinguishing feature of the zebra is, of course, the black and white stripes. The stripes help protect the animal by providing camouflage; when they stand close to one another, it is difficult for predators to see where one begins and the other ends.

We will see many zebra while we are on Safari. Herds made up of tens of thousands of zebra have been known to migrate across the Serengeti Plains.

A zebra may look like a stocky pony, but it is a wild animal and will fight fiercely when it must.


Click the link below to begin your Pirate Webquest Adventure!

Pirates! Webquest