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Mrs. Jeter's Math Masters

Mrs. Jeter's Math Masters Webpage

Based on the Common Core Standards



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Classroom Rules   

Teacher's Expectations of Students    




MyMath Website

From this website you can get the following:

Homework help

A copy of the math book with the ability to print off homework pages

Virtual manipulatives



Extra practice



Chapter 1: Place Value

Chapter 2: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers  

Chapter 3: Understanding Multiplication and Division

Chapter 4: Multiplying with One-Digit Numbers

Chapter 5: Multiply With Two-Digit Numbers

Chapter 6: Divide By a One-digit Number

Chapter 7: Patterns and Sequences

Chapter 8: Fractions

Chapter 9: Operations with Fractions

Chapter 10: Fractions and Decimals

Chapter 11: Customary Measurement

Chapter 12: Metric Measurement

Chapter 13: Perimeter and Area

Chapter 14: Geometry

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