Teacher's Expectations of Students

       EXPECTATIONS OF MRS. JETER*                                           

  1. Always be the very best person you can be.
  2. Do your best work everytime. All work should be neat and legible. (readable)
  3. Pay attention during instruction. This will make things easier.
  4. Know that the choice to learn is up to you. So ask questions if you do not understand.
  5. I will be expecting you to work harder and smarter than last year.
  6. A neat orderly classroom and well behaved students will allow all students to learn.
  7. Do your job and I will do mine. I have 2 college degrees and 14 years of experience.
  8. If you are doing what you should be doing you will be on your way to success.
  9. Memorize your multiplication facts!!!!!
  10. Pass the OAAs!                                                                                                               

* These expectations apply wherever you are in school.