TEXT:  Interactive Science; published by Pearson, Boston Massachusettes. 2009. The replacement cost of this text is $65.75

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The 7th grade Life Science curriculum provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to transition from elementary life science standards to high school biology standards. The course is designed to provide studnets with an overview of the common concepts and strands in the life sciences, included but not limited to structures and functions of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems, heredity, biological evolution, diversity of living organisims, and ecosystems.


Unit 1- Lab Instruction and Safety

Unit 2- Diversity of Organisms

Unit 3- Cells & Organ Systems

Unit 4- Ecology

Unit 5- Evolution


Tests will be given at the completion of a unit of work or chapter. A final exam will be given at the end of each semester. This exam will count as one test grade. Quizzes are given during each unit. Labs, daily work and homework are assigned on a weekly or nightly basis. The grade for the course will be determined as follows"

Major Tests and Projects: 50%                                        Quizes and class projects:  25%

Labs:  15%                                                                             Daily work and homework: 10%