Special Projects & Extra Credit

Yay! For the SCIENCE FAIR!

All 7th gragde students are required to do a science fair project. The project can be anything your student wants to do. We encourage the students to think about a great idea and research topics before comitting to a project. We will be working on them in class periodically a month prior to the fair. Parents help is encouraged but we do ask that the students do most of the work. The student will have to give a speech about their project, how they conducted the test, and the reults obtained.


There will be extra credit given out of a maximum of 100 points a semester. The students can choose from:

- Research paper (3 pages) on a famous scientist

- Leaf litter collection

- Mammal identification assignment

- Research paper (2 pages) on the evolution of dog breeding

- Life size model of human body with organ & organ system detail

- Presentation on a topic of the students choice (10 minutes)

Check with me for other extra credit ideas and opportunities! smiley