Weekly Newsletter

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For the Week of April 11-15, 2011




TCAP dates are this Wed. and Thursday, and next Monday and Tuesday.

PLEASE be sure to have your child here on time every morning!  Our testing begins immediately following the morning announcements!

JTake advantage of our cafeteria every morning! 

Eat a healthy breakfast! J


***Donations appreciated for TCAP****


I am in need of #2 pencils, erasers, and snacks for TCAP.  I would love to have for Wednesday:

Bite size gummy fruit snacks, chewy mints, smarties, spree, mini snickers bars, air-heads, granola bars, grapes, and orange wedges.

**please let me know if you can donate any of the above items.  THANK YOU!


Reading/Language Arts:  We are reviewing grammar and punctuation, parts of speech in Language Arts.  In reading we are focusing on Main Idea, vocabulary, and cause and effect.


Spelling Words:  No spelling test this week due to TCAPs.


Math:  Symmetry, perimeter, and other review.


Social Studies:  Our local government and TCAP review.


Science:   TCAP review.