Social Studies Study Guide for Chapter 2

Social Studies Study Guide

Chapter 2-Kinds of Communities


Rural communities are in the countryside and can be surrounded by farms and open land.


Bridgewater, Virginia is a rural community because it is in the countryside where the towns are small and far apart.


Bridgewater, Virginia is located on the North River in the Shenandoah Valley. This is a description of its geography.


Farmers in rural communities hope to avoid cool, wet weather because it is bad for crops.


What is special about living in a rural community?

Everyone knows each other

In times of trouble, the whole town helps out


Suburban communities are communities that are located near a large city. They surround the large city.


Levittown, New York is a suburban community because it is just a train ride away from the largest city in the United States, New York City.


People form communities to meet their needs for feeling safe and comfortable.


Many people who live in the suburbs work in the city.


Highways help suburban communities grow.


Urban communities are communities in cities where many people live and work.


Population means the number of people in an area.


Chicago, Illinois is an urban community because it is a very large city and more than three million people live in that city.


Most cities are built close to water because it is a very important need people have, and it is good for transporting people and goods.


Transportation means carrying people or things from place to place.


When you classify you place things that have similar features together in a group.


Nashville, Tennessee is an urban community. It is a very large city with over one million people living there. There are lots of buildings and very little land.


Hendersonville, Tennessee is a suburban community. Hendersonville is located near the big city of Nashville.


Orlinda, Tennessee is a rural community. It is a very small town surrounded by lots of land and farms.




Bonus Questions (2 points each)

Students will receive extra credit if they can answer the following questions.


*How do you think Bridgewater got its name?

It might have been the site of an early bridge over the North River


*How is transportation important to your community?

To move goods and people within the community and from one place to another


*Why do you think cities have so many tall buildings?

So they can fit more offices or apartments on a small piece of land. Land is expensive in a city.