Multiplication Incentive Program

September 20, 2010


Dear Parents,


          Third graders are getting ready to learn their multiplication tables!  I have created an incentive program to motivate them to study their facts.    Students will be eligible to earn an ice cream party in school for learning their facts (2-12).  Please note that the students must recite their facts (from flash cards) in order, beginning with two and ending with twelve.  We will be working on one fact family per week.  If a student does not pass their fact family the week that it is tested, they will have to go on to the next fact family and pick up the one they missed at the end. 


Here is what the students will earn for each fact family they recite:

2s = a bowl

3s = a spoon

4s = a napkin

5s = 1 scoop of ice cream

6s = chocolate syrup

7s = a second scoop of ice cream

8s = choice of candy topping (M&Ms, gummy bears, etc.)

9s = sprinkles

10s = whipped cream

11s = cherry on top

12s = brownie on the bottom


          Please realize that your child will only receive the reward he/she earns (ice cream is not earned until after the child has learned the 2, 3, 4, and 5 multiplication facts).  Thank you for your support at home!  I hope your child enjoys this fun and exciting activity designed to help them learn their facts!




Mrs. Jones