Social Studies Study Guide for Chapter 4

Social Studies Study Guide

Chapter 4



A holiday is a special day for remembering an important person or event.


A tradition is a special way that a group does something. They are usually repeated year after year as a part of celebrations.


Cinco de Mayo means the fifth of May. It is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the victory of the Mexican people over the French who invaded their country.


St. Patrick’s Day started as a religious holiday in Ireland, a country in Europe. Both the Irish and non-Irish people celebrate Irish culture. Some people honor the Irish culture by wearing green clothing.


A sphere is an object that is shaped like a ball. The Earth is shaped like a sphere.


The line drawn around the middle of the globe is a symbol for the equator.


At the equator, Earth can be divided into two parts called hemispheres. Hemi means “half.”


The half of the Earth north of the equator is called the Northern Hemisphere.


The half of the Earth south of the equator is called the Southern Hemisphere.


Another line on the globe runs north and south. It goes from the North Pole to the South Pole. This line is a symbol for the prime meridian.


State fairs bring people together to celebrate the hard work they have done all year.


Livestock are farm animals raised on local farms.


Memorial Day is a national holiday celebrated on the last Monday in May. It honors people who fought and died for our country.


When you are patriotic, you are proud of your country.


Independence Day is a celebration of our independence from England. It is celebrated on the fourth of July.


Veterans Day honors all who have served in the United States armed forces. We celebrate it on November 11.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a national holiday that remembers the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King fought for equal treatment of African Americans. It is celebrated in January.


Thanksgiving Day is an American holiday that many families and communities celebrate. Across the country we give thanks for the good things that happened during the year.


In 1621, the settlers of Plymouth, Massachusetts celebrated one of the first Thanksgivings. These settlers were known as Pilgrims.


The Pilgrims were immigrants to the United States. They came from England.


Some major components of culture include language, clothing, food, art, and music.


Some basic needs that humans have includes food, water, clothing, and shelter. (fill in the blank question on test)


We live in the state of Tennessee.


We live in the country of The United States of America.


We live on the continent of North America.


There are 7 continents in the world.




Bonus Questions (worth 2 points)


Why do communities hold community celebrations?

To honor important people or events


Why was Nan’yehi (Nancy Ward) considered a Cherokee leader?

As “Beloved Woman”, she counseled the Cherokee. She voted on the General Council.


How was the way Dr. King fought for freedom different from the way soldiers fight for freedom? How was it alike?

Different: Dr. King fought with words, but soldiers fight with weapons.

Alike: Both fought to defend their beliefs.