Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Dear Parents,

My name is Mrs. Shannon Jones. This is my seventh year teaching.  I have just completed my Educational Specialist Degree with an emphasis in

Curriculum and Instruction from Union University. I am a mother of 5 children, and I love to teach! I am looking

forward to working with your child this year and helping him/her to achieve his/her full potential. I feel honored to

be your child's teacher.


Our class theme is Bees. I want each student in my class to feel that they are an important part of our hive! Bees must work together to make their hive, and all of the bees in it, successful. B.E.E. Stands for Bring Everything Everyday!

Second grade is a year of growing independence. You can help foster this growth by encouraging your child to unpack

and repack his/her book bag and homework folder. Help your child establish a routine of laying out his/her homework

notebook, emptying his/her folder, and giving you work to sign or school notices to read each day after school. Once

homework is completed, notebook signed, and notices/signed work taken care of, encourage your child to re-pack

his/her folder and book bag. Oral reminders (which your child may fondly refer to as nagging) will help your child

gain independence this year.

Want to know what the "buzz" is in 2nd grade? Check out your BEE Keeper every day!

In order to provide each student with the excellent educational climate they deserve, please review the Wise Practice

Positive Discipline Plan that will be in effect at all times.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Please call the school and set up an appointment (615)


You and I have a common goal and that is to make this year a successful, challenging, and special year for your child.

The opportunity to fulfill this experience is very important to me. I look forward to seeing your child every day!


Shannon Jones, Ed.S.