Supply List

North County Charter School 
Kindergarten Supply List 2011-2012
*No backpacks, totebags, or zippered binders, please! Also, please label bag of supplies, but not individual items unless 
otherwise specified, thanks!*
? (1) Plastic school supply box (with a closing latch/lid- no handles)
? (6) Solid color Plastic  2-pocket folders 
? (1) Pack of yellow #2 Pencils
? (3) Boxes of Crayola Crayons- 24 pack
? (1) Pair of blunt tip student safety scissors (like Fiskars)
? (1) Package of baby wipes (not small sized, this is to share with the whole class)
? (1) Large Hand  Sanitizer (not small sized, this is to share with the whole class)
? (1) Container of Disinfecting Wipes, Lysol/Clorox/Store-brand
? (4) Bottles of Liquid Glue, standard size
? (6) Glue Sticks
? (1) package of Dry Erase Markers (thick ones, preferred)
? (1) Box of Tissues (not small sized, this is to be shared with the whole class)
? (1) Writing Primary-Ruled Notebook (non-spiral, standard-size, with three lines to write)
? (2) Packs of Ziploc Bags – 1 Quart /Gallon Sized, 1 Sandwich Sized
? (1)Pack of eraser caps
? (1) Package of Standard size Index Cards
? (1) Pack of Crayola Washable Markers (thick ones)
? (1) Large, Adult-sized Empty Shoebox with Lid (labeled on the inside)
? Set of extra clothes (top, bottoms, socks, underwear)- (labeled)
*Wish List Items* (Items we will use and need in class- on-going throughout the year if you wish to donate ?- not mandatory 
but always appreciated)
? Assorted Stickers
? Plain White Printer Paper 
? Construction Paper (all sizes and colors)
? Play-Doh (Standard size containers, all colors)
? Vinyl Rectangle Tablecloths (largest size)
? Plastic Rectangle Tablecloths 
? Popcicle sticks
? Mini hand-held pencil sharpeners, with closing latching lid
? Cotton balls
? Thin Dry Erase Markers
? Hand-held Erasers
? Socks (big enough to fit on hand)
? Old Shirts (Large, adult size, for smocks)
? Pom-poms
? Paper bags- brown (any size)
? Yarn/String
? Paper plates- small and large 
? Googly eyes
? Scrap paper
? Band-aids
? Dry macaroni and beans
? Empty paper towels and toilet paper rolls
? Treasure Box Items (Small, school-appropriate toys, prizes, educational items-like from dollar store)
? Used children books
? Egg Cartons (empty and clean)
? Empty, clean, and label-free baby food jars or other glass jars with lids