Class Management

Class Rules

  1. We Listen Carefully 

  2. We Follow Directions The First Time
  3. We Work Quietly Unless Instructed Otherwise

  4. We Are Respectful To Other People And Their Property

  5. We Keep Our Hands To Ourselves


  • Blue: Awesome job today! I deserve a Hawk award.
  • Green: Good Job! (everybody starts the day on green)
  • Yellow: Warning! Oops I had trouble following directions. 
  • Red: Consequence. I will lose 10 minutes of my recess.

Students on blue and green at the end of the day will earn a point. Students may choose a piece of candy for every 5 points earned. Students may choose a reward from the treasure box for every 20 points earned. If a student is on red at the end of the day the parent will be sent a red card report.