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My job is to ensure that every student has a fun and productive educational experience. I strive to reach individual students with differentiated teaching methods as well as finding new and creative ways to connect lessons with hands-on experiences. So let's have some fun and do some learning!

Classroom Rules

I try to keep my classroom rules simple, but all encompassing. My rules are:

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Caring

Students will collaborate to figure out what the rules mean to them (with a little help from me filling in the gaps). 

Rewards & Consequences 

In my classroom, I use a 1-5 scale for behavior. Every student will start each day on a 3. When their behavior or actions are exceptional, they will move their name up. When they are not following the rules or making poor choices, they will move their name down. Ending the day on a 3-5 will earn them doubloons that they can use in to buy from the treasure chest or they can also buy a homework pass. If they end the day on a 2 they do not earn doubloons. If they end the day on a 1 I will either send an email home or a note in their homework folder.



At our school, we use a letter scaling for grades. E: Excellent/Exceeds Standard, S: Satisfactory/Meets Standard and N: Needs Improvement/Not Meeting Standard. I will test students throughout the trimester to see where they are. Any student that needs extra help will have the opportunity to go to Lunch Bunch (a teacher lead tutoring session), go to the Homework Desk after school (from 2:30-3:30, participants must sign up), or see me personally. 



I have children of my own so I realize that homework can be overwhelming and stressful in the evening. While I cannot eliminate homework altogether, I do set aside 30 minutes each afternoon for students to do their homework in class if they wish. This is also a good time to ask me to go over anything they don't understand. I also understand that with Common Core most parents don't understand the language or the method of teaching. Please feel free to call or email me if you have a question. Please don't stress about homework. I want my students to enjoy their time being a kid, not spend hours figuring out homework. 



I believe that nothing is more important to the learning process than teacher and parents being on the same page. Each week, on Wednesday, I will send home a communication folder that shows student grades on assignments and behavior for the week. I will also include any notes on specifics. Parents are to sign and return this folder the following morning. If a student lands on a 1 at the end of the day, I will send an email home detailing why the student ended on a 1. 

Please always feel free to call or email me about any questions or concerns you might have. I want all my students and parents to feel that my door (or email inbox) is always open to them. 


Digital Citizenship

In the era that we live, technology is inescapable. It is my job to ensure that students learn how to be good citizens in a digital world. Safety, privacy, and kindness are what I stress the most with technology. Be safe means to not tell anyone personal information like your name or address online. Be private means to not share everything about yourself because anyone can read it. Be kind means to treat others as they wish to be treated. Never say anything hurtful or offensive.