Our theme for the week was weather. We talked about the different kinds of clothes we wear during the different season. The class created a class list of different kinds of weather and then we learned a song called” Mr. Sun, Sun, Please Shine Down on Me” and made a sun to go with the song. The children also made kites to fly in the wind; they are hanging in the hallway. The students also learned the colors of a rainbow and then painted one.

The class discussed Earth Day and Recycling. It was great how the children got so excited about all the trash. Are vocabulary word was: Recycle. They were so amazed by all the garbage there was outside, the class went outside to clean the playground. We also discussed how important it is to plant flowers and trees. The children created flowers and trees and pledged to keep our earth clean.

The next two weeks, we will talk about Fairy Tales and Feelings

Have a great weekend!! Enjoy it with your child!smiley

Mrs. Jurk